Resident Services

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HFA is committed to the principle that all of our communities provide not just housing but also resident services that enhance and improve the lives of our residents.  As part of the development process for each new community, we develop a resident service plan for supportive services and activities and we design ample space and facilities on-site for resident programming.  Once a property is completed, HFA’s role is to help develop and oversee the resident services. We have long term involvement to ensure that the services continue to meet the residents’ needs and to meet the commitments we have made to funders.  The daily coordination of the services and programs are typically handled by the community manager or in a few cases funding allows there to be an on-site or regional Service Coordinator.

HFA utilizes to the maximum degree possible the existing services available through public, private, and community based agencies.  We strive to provide as many services and activities as we can on-site but also actively work to involve the residents in services in the broader community as well.  Funds are available at each community to implement services and incentivize participation and HFA also seeks grant monies for programming that requires additional funds.

HFA has established standards for the kinds of services that we strive to provide for family, senior and special needs communities.  We have a structured system to oversee the services provided and we routinely evaluate our communities for how well they are meeting the resident service needs. HFA has established a reputation for the quality and the number of resident services we provide in our communities, and for the level of genuine concern we have for meeting our residents’ needs and wishes.


Resident Services are an essential part of all HFA Communities