About Us

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Homes for America is a nonprofit housing development corporation which specializes in developing and preserving affordable rental housing. All of our housing is enhanced with supportive services for the residents;   we seek to provide great housing and to create communities which enrich the lives of the residents.

Founded and headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland since 1994, HFA works in the mid-Atlantic region and provides careful supervision of all of our communities and the resident services provided. We are a mission driven, deeply involved owner working to ensure that all of our properties serve the residents and are valued additions to the neighborhoods and communities of which they are a part.

Since we have been in existence HFA has created 81 rental communities with over 6,400 units in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Delaware. HFA has well performing assets and a solid financial base.

We are one of the largest and most productive nonprofit developers in the country and in the region, the 11th largest in the nation. The quality of our work has been widely recognized, we are one of the most honored affordable housing developers with 25 national, state, regional and local awards for excellence.

Our staff has extensive experience and we are advised by a distinguished Board of Directors with national reputations and accomplishments.

Homes for America 25 Year Achievements

Created 81 service enhanced rental housing communities

-6400 apartment homes in 4 states

Worked with 35 development partners

-19 nonprofit organizations and public housing authorities
-16 for profit companies

Worked with 49 development team members

-18 architectural firms
-17 general contractors
-14 property management companies

Secured $726 million to fund HFA affordable housing communities

-$430 million in public and private funding
-40 federal, state and local funders
-20 private lenders
-7 foundations
-Over $296 million in tax credit equity from 11 syndicators

Provide $2 million in funding annually for resident services at HFA communities

Resident services provided by over 360 organizations to HFA communities

Created ownership of 87 rehabilitated homes for low and moderate income homeowners

Winner of 53 awards in recognition for outstanding work by national, regional, state and local entities