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HFA was founded in September, 1994 by Trudy McFall and Nancy Rase, both of whom had extensive housing careers at the time.  Together they totaled over 45 years of experience in administering federal, state and local housing programs; immediately prior to founding HFA they had served together for many years as the Director and Deputy Director respectively for the Maryland state housing agency.  Their extensive Maryland state experience enabled them to be very strategic with whom they worked and what projects they undertook.  Partnerships with top quality partners were a key to HFA’s success, as were the selection of a distinguished Board of Directors and the hiring of experienced staff.

The organization was founded on the belief that a nonprofit can be both businesslike and efficient while at the same time being mission driven and idealistic about its goals.  That principle firmly guides the organization to this day as it did at our founding and we have a record that demonstrates that.

Early on, guided by the wisdom of the Board, it was determined that the HFA service area would be the Mid-Atlantic States; to date that has including Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Delaware.  Close proximity to our communities from our Annapolis, Maryland headquarters enables us to be a hands-on, involved owner and to provide careful oversight of our properties and the delivery of resident services.

We also have been committed from the start to creating of not just top quality housing, but also housing that provides on-site supportive services and activities for the residents.

In the early years of HFA we operated a homeownership and rehabilitation program primarily in and around Annapolis.  We completed 87 homeownership units under that program, but have discontinued it as the supply of vacant substandard homes in the area declined. HFA now focuses exclusively on affordable rental housing.

We are dedicated to the importance of our housing mission and to doing it well